About Me

This page is aimed to present my person more like it's possible through CV. I live in Bratislava almost 7 years. I moved here because of university study on the Comenius University. Main fields of my study were applied informatics and artificial intelligence. Last six years I was working mainly in the C# and .NET world in wide range of projects and methodologies. One and half year ago, I decided to work like a freelancer on many various projects for private clients. In the future, I'd like to work on projects containing more artificial intelligence, data science and cloud computing. Unfortunately, I don't have any working experience in these fields yet. In software development, I prefer to understand concepts, to write testable code, to take care about details, to keep the "clean code" principles, to use right methodologies and backend before frontend. I don't have technology preference. I look more for interesting projects and skilled team. Currently I'm learning Python because it is more data oriented language. In the last project I experimented with Event Sourcing and CQRS that I found as very interesting patterns for high scale applications. In my free time I like studying, fitness, skiing and last but not least, I'm musician.


2013 2010

Comenius university Bratislava, MSc.

Faculty of mathematics, physics and informatics

applied informatics, artificial intelligence

Master Thesis : Hierarchical categorization of data.

This faculty is oriented to research and studies in the field Artificial intelligence. Main topics of this study program consisting of the machine learning, neural networks, knowledge representation and reasoning, expert systems, multi-agent systems and complexity theory.

2010 2007

Comenius university Bratislava, BSc.

Faculty of mathematics, physics and informatics

applied informatics

Bachelor Thesis : Software for the competition Robocup Slovakia.

Activities of this faculty are focused around Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Declarative Programming. The Bachelor courses are organized to prepare the students for future studies of these areas.

09/2015 11/2015

Mining Massive Datasets

08/2015 09/2015

Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

05/2015 08/2015

Introduction to Comp. Science and Programming Using Python

04/2015 05/2015

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure - Part 2

02/2014 15/2014

R Programming

09/2013 12/2013

Advanced conversation skills in English

British Council, Bratislava
Present 03/2014

software engineer, analyst


Implementation of the software for private customers. Creation of the solution and design proposals. Designing of the software architecture. Requirements analysis and correction. Consultation of the software development processes. Proposing the testing strategies and tests implementation. Writing technical documentation.

02/2014 07/2012

software engineer

ERNI (Slovakia)

Development of the software for Swiss customers in agile methodologies. Development consisted of requirements analysis, architectural proposals, writing technical documentation and implementation.

06/2012 07/2011

developer ( part-time )


Development of the web application according to functional specifications. Preparation of reports templates and resolving issues with 3rd party software company.

06/2011 03/2009

developer, programmer ( part-time )


Development of the intranet and later customer applications. Studying about new technologies and preparing presentations about them for colleagues.


Work experience

  • C#
  • 80%
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • 50%
  • 60%
  • UML
  • 70%
  • XAML
  • 70%
  • SQL
  • 50%
  • 80%

School, self-initiative

  • Python
  • 40%
  • Java
  • 30%
  • PHP
  • 25%
  • R
  • 30%
  • C++
  • 25%
  • F#
  • 30%
  • 70%
  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • 50%
  • Specflow
  • 60%
  • WPF
  • 70%
  • Entity Framework
  • 50%
  • WCF
  • 50%
  • Windows
  • 80%
  • SQL Server
  • 50%
  • MongoDb
  • 25%
  • Visual Studio
  • 85%
  • Azure
  • 50%
  • Git
  • 70%
  • JIRA
  • 70%
  • SQL Management Studio
  • 80%
  • Team foundation server
  • 50%
  • Enterprise Architect
  • 70%
  • Linux
  • 20%
    • Agile, Scrum
    • 85%
    • TDD
    • 75%
    • BDD
    • 60%
    • Event sourcing
    • 50%
    • Design patterns
    • 50%
    • Requirement analysis
    • 50%
    10/2015 06/2015

    Capacity management server module; Ticketing

    freelancer, for Retailsoft s.r.o

    Analysis, architecture and development of the server module for touristic attractions ticket selling in Amsterdam (Tours&Tickets). My module was part of already existing solution dealing with retail selling and it operates only with subset of attractions – attractions with capacity. I used the pattern Event sourcing to handle all actions happened in the system and to ensure smallest response time as possible. Produced events were used for smoke testing of plenty of scenarios that were written in Gherkin language and executed by Specflow. The module was called by more types of clients and it serves informations about state changes by RabbitMQ messages. During development I consulted another parts of system mainly integration of IoC container to existing solutions and Git philosophy of development.

    Roles : analysis, architecture and development, writing behaviour, integration and unit tests, consultations

    Methods : agile development

    Technologies, tools : C#, WCF, Entity framework, RabbitMQ, Specflow, Visual studio, SQL Server, SQL Management Studio, Nuget, TFS, Trello

    06/2015 05/2014

    Server module and intranet system; Online auctions

    freelancer, for Quicksort s.r.o

    Server module is responsible for tax calculation, price decomposition, business logic, invoices and orders tracking of the online auction portal Auctionata. Intranet system is aimed mainly to manage data of the server module and to resolve variety of issues during the auction and eshop selling.

    Roles : development, software architecture, unit and integration testing, bug-fixing, documentation

    Methods : agile development

    Technologies, tools : C#, SQL, ASP.NET WebAPI 2, ASP.NET WebForm, SQL, Visual studio, SQL Server, SQL Management Studio, Git, GitLab, JIRA

    present 02/2015

    Windows store application; Building sector

    freelancer, for Quicksort s.r.o

    Windows store application for the building consultants to track issues and snags from the buildings.

    Roles : development, software design, requirements analysis, testing

    Methods : -

    Technologies, tools : .NET for Windows Store, C#, XAML, Json.NET, Git, GitHub Visual studio, Expression blend

    03/2015 05/2014

    Windows store application; Banking sector

    freelancer, for Smartvikings s.r.o

    Windows store application for premium bank clients prividing bank magazines content and news about bank and investing sector for premium clients.

    Roles : consultation, development, software design, requirements analysis

    Methods : -

    Technologies, tools : .NET for Windows Store, C#, XAML, Json.NET, Git, GitHub Visual studio, Expression blend

    02/2014 08/2013

    Quality measurement software; Textile industry

    ERNI (Slovakia)

    Touch screen application for textile quality measurement devices.

    Roles : development, software design, solution proposals, documentation, requirements analysis,

    Methods : prototyping, unit testing, SCRUM, agile software development, code reviews, pair-programming, IoC

    Technologies, tools, libraries : WPF, C#, XAML, SQL, ADO.NET, MS Visual Studio 2012, TFS, Resharper, StyleCop, Entity Framework

    08/2013 10/2012

    Locking System Management Software; Security industry

    ERNI (Slovakia)

    Description : Management software for the manufacturer of mechanical and electronic locking systems.

    Roles : development software design requirements analysis, bug fixing, unit testing

    Methods : SCRUM, agile software development, unit testing, domain driven development

    Technologies, tools, libraries : C#, MS Visual Studio 2012, MS Team Foundation Server 2012, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Entity Framework code first WPF, XAML, DevExpress, Autofac, MVVM pattern, MS SQL Server, Nuget

    10/2012 07/2012

    Intranet web application

    ERNI (Slovakia)

    Description : Internal corporate Silverlight application for recording of company employees CVs, internal company communication, generating company documents etc.

    Roles : development, unit testing, custom control implementation bug fixing

    Methods : SCRUM, agile software development, unit testing, domain driven development

    Technologies, tools, libraries : C#, Silverlight, XAML, SQL, ADO.NET Entity Framework, MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server

    05/2012 07/2011

    Electronic Tolling system ; Transit industry

    Description : Web application for the Slovak electronic tolling system that covers all highways and 1st class roads in Slovakia. This system manage all actions like vehicle registration, payments, road tracking, reporting etc.

    Roles : development according to functional specifications, designs of screens, creating of report templates, communication with third party software company, bug fixing

    Methods : waterfall, MVC,

    Technologies, tools, libraries : C#, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, XSD, Silverlight, MS Visual Studio, MS Windows, Stimulsoft Reports.NET

    03/2011 06/2010

    Oil order system ; Petrochemical industry


    Description : This system consists of three main parts. The first was WPF application for doing orders of oils, next part was ASP.NET web application, where user can monitor orders and generate some reports. Last part was web services that executes actions and contains most of business logic.

    Roles : implementation web services, ,database queries, data exports, generating PDF reports definition of XSL templates, designing XML structures

    Methods : -

    Technologies, tools, libraries : C#, .NET, WCF, SQL, XML, XSD, XSL, ADO.NET, MS Visual Studio, MS SQL Management Studio, XMLSpy

    05/2012 05/2013

    Hierarchical categorization of data.

    Master thesis

    Keywords : hierarchical categorization, hierarchical Bayesian model, HBM, overhypothesis, incremental hierarchical discriminant regression, IHDR, data classification, data categorization, ILNumerics

    Abstract : The thesis deals with hierarchical categorisation of data trying to reach the main target of hierarchical Bayesian model HBM and incremental hierarchical discriminant regression IHDR. These biologically motivated computational models describe possibility of creation a reasonable hierarchy with purpose of data categorisation and classification. Hierarchical categorization is executed upon more abstract knowledge in several layers and nodes of hierarchy. These abstract facts are referred to as over-hypothesis and most discriminant features. The thesis describes theory of these models, design and implementation of algorithm based upon IHDR, which can build reasonable hierarchy of multidimensional data in real time. Consequently, functionality of algorithm on common datasets was tested, the created hierarchy visualized and behaviour of algorithm and percentages of successful data classification described.

    05/2011 12/2010

    Software for the competition Robocup Slovakia.

    Bachelor thesis

    Keywords : Windows Presentation Foundation, ADO.NET Entity Framework, Model–View–ViewModel, Robocup Junior, system for competition regulation and result evaluation

    Abstract : Bachelor work deals with description of .NET technologies and with specification, design and implementation of system for regulating and result evaluating of competition Robocup Junior Slovakia. Theoretical part describes the base features, advantages and disadvantages of technologies Windows Presentation Foundation, ADO.NET Entity Framework and software architecture Model – View – ViewModel. The practical part of work comprises specification, design and implementation of system, which is indented for team’s registration, planning tournament and evaluating and presentation of results of competition Robocup Junior.

    more projects will be added soon
    present 03/2011


    co-founder, manager

    Description: Krásinka is folk brass band consisting of 17 proffesional and amatuer musicians and singers. Main purpose of this band is to preserving folk tradition in homevillage.

    Roles: leading of nonprofit organization, organization band members, management of events and performances, organization of public concerts

    Tichá 26, Bratislava, Slovakia

    Skype: cechovsky.jozef